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If you are looking for a reliable business partner that will provide you with tools and metal accessories, Roimex will be an excellent selection. As they have an online shop, you can benefit from their offer no matter where you are. Apart from wholesale, they do retail as well, hence individual clients can place an order as well. Nonetheless, most of their customers are companies from carpentry, refurbishment or building industries, as well as EPAL and Düsseldorf pallets manufacturers or repairers.


There are many magnificent products that can be found in the stock prepared by Roimex. For instance, you can purchase durable nail screws at attractive prices. They are perfect to be used in pneumatic nailers, which make the work much faster and more convenient. After shooting them at the material, all you have to do is just use a screwdriver and you can have two pieces solidly joined together. It is worth knowing that a compound can be easily released without damaging the surface, therefore nail screws are commonly used in formwork and scenery construction, to name but a few.

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