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Lybab AB

Förrådsvägen 4C
181 41 Lidingö
GPS co-ordinates: 59.3573417,18.1719672

phone number: +46 0812132300
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Lybab from Lidingö is a company which employs the best craftsmen in the area. They take care of various construction works, landscaping services and more. The projects are thoroughly discussed with the clients, to ensure they are delighted with the way they came out. Besides designing buildings and gardens, the company also offers snow removal and material deliveries. They care greatly about the environment, which is why they are also responsible for a number of rubbish collection points in the area.


People looking for a talented and ambitious craftsman in Lidingö will be more than happy to employ Lybab. The company consists of some of the most determined and qualified specialists from fields such as building construction and renovation, drainage system designing, landscaping, snow clearance and much more. The team approaches each project individually, to make sure the client is fully satisfied with the finished product. They will make sure to delegate the best and the most fitting professionals.

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