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What are epoxy resins? They are artificial materials, first registered in the beginning of the twentieth century serving a variety of purposes – as glue, floor coating and many more. These days, companies like 3D Stickers use them for one particular, marketing goal – to create epoxy stickers for their customers. These products are characterised by their resistance to water and wearing down quickly, moreover they protect the graphic underneath their surface from getting destroyed, while giving it a nearly three-dimensional look.

Promotional items

Investing in epoxy stickers means investing in something solid and reliable. The substances used for their production are going to take care of key chains, pens and many other promotional items to prevent them from breaking. This way they will be able to hold their own a little while longer, advertising the chosen business. Epoxy resins are substances that can harm the skin and eyes in their liquid form, which is why it is best to leave their production to professionals. Unless you want a fully individualised product, you should stick to companies that manufacture them for living.

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